Jesse Stafford: Okay dude why am I tagged in this cow eating cow?
Frank Caraan: LOL.
Frank Caraan: Because that was horse meat that’s why.
Jesse Stafford: You fucker.
Frank Caraan: Lmfao.



speedy speed booooooooy

my old car =(


my dad passed away this morning at 12:10am. saturday morning i found him on his bed having a stroke and he was in a coma. we took him off the breather around noon yesterday. the last day with him was beautiful and he looked so peaceful. sleeping like a baby. i spent most of it holding his hand, and he waited til my sister and i left before he slipped away. i have a lot to take care of now so ill post back up when we make the arrangements


how the fuck do you know so much about the game and be ass?


this dj….

 thaaaaaaaaaaaaat *** was sooooooooooo whaaaaaaaaaack

» i listened to the entire sample right

» i was really tryna give it a chance man hoping he’d put cali on his back and ***

» it was like some *** *** feel good music with constant let downs and bad transitions

and at one time i heard blondie heart of glass and i was like OH OKAY


» and then it went into some other *** and it was a remix

 9 minutes in i already knew this *** was goin on first

either so the niggas tryna set up the dance area would hurry up and finish so they could leave

» or because nobody would be there

  • it was like 30 something minutes of straight up soft penis ***


  •  aye leang son why you aint help out your boy


  •  you knew he cant spin son

    you couldda told him to stick to street fighter and crying about raves and ***

    ill take the mic from macklemore but you gotta take the tables away and the west coast will rise again


women = property?

pretty proud of this one:
Sunday at 8:41pm via mobile ·
If ur walking down the street with ur wife and a man punches her In the mouth….what do you do?

Jacob  im asian. there will be blood. either a gun battle will ensue or a knife fight. it doesnt matter what she did. shes my property so the only one fit to damage the goods is ME

Cameron  I’m sorry, but dude said a woman is his property and got two likes… Me thinks we as a group have some issues

Jacob soundin reaaaaaaaaaal soft. like the thirsty type that talks to other guys girlfriends hoping they’ll choose up, so i’ll entertain this.

the video of the boxer is dope. real life isnt knock out kings though, and im not about to tussle it up in the streets with random niggas who you could possibly run into again. im not saying i leave the house everyday with a punisher t shirt on looking to exterminate with extreme prejudice but i dont like loose ends. who really knows what you’ll do in the situation until it happens? we can all say we’re wolves over the internet.

now id like to say i try to avoid conflicts. im usually more than cordial to everyone cuz id rather not get into shit. obviously it cant always be avoided. we all slip. random shit happens. your girl gets hit in the face by another dude cuz she was too far out of your sight or youre fucked up, whatever. what if theres more than one of them? and you dont know this person…or people?

im not the boss per se, or even an owner cuz she can leave if she wants. i may be a little possessive of mine, but protective. maybe i should have said my responsibility rather than my property right? liability? LOL. dont lie. we’ve all been there. ionno what kinda partners you like but i like mine small. probably not strong enough to defend herself against some piece of shit using gorilla tactics so thats where “any self respecting man” is gonna step in and represent for theirs. or the converse where you say “she musta deserved it. whatd she do? LEARN TO BLOCK!”

nope i lied. i am a boss and she IS my property and i DO leave my house everyday with a punisher t shirt on, the sig sauer on my hip and a baby glock on my weak side with extra mags, 2 knives, and a baton with “born to lose” etched under the brim of my new era but it was on backwards and to the left so you couldnt see it and did not heed the warning that i am actually not civil and you shouldda kept it pushin. we now have a problem. you have damaged my goods, and for that you must pay. and for your insolence, the vengeance that is now bestowed upon you will far exceed reasonable limits. i am a heathen and my ideals are not modern. equal is laughable to me. i dont do crossfit and watch ufc so im not about to man hump choke somebody in the streets in my “fresh to death” outfit. im just gonna make the block hot. watch the news. and dont forget to pick up your captain cape from the dry cleaners there fists of fury
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Jacob  also i dont believe in using laying hands on a woman. hope id never have to. most people have had mental “damage” or soured experiences in the pursuit of love and friendship. it happens. this is the damage i was implying. we make them crazy and they do the same to us. it aint real if you dont love them and wanna kill them all the time.

“You can get much farther with a kind word and a gun than you can with a kind word alone.”-Al Capone (relating to my stupid rant)


Captain planet.


 lol ive seen this before. thats actually almost exactly how i am at home but i eat at the table cuz im civilized as fuck and i dont want crumbs in my bed.

and i thought id be cool and change the muzzle brake on my ak-47 to this one they bust out windows with and my bayonet wouldnt fit anymore. it was kinda sad. i also had an underfolding stock cuz im a somali pirate jihadist and that garbage on his rear trunnion doesnt look buttstroke worthy

lol i have to use cyborg cuz hes half nigga half robot, then probably joker and maybe batman